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Trade National Visa

TN status is a special non-immigrant classification of foreign nationals in the United States, which offers expedited work authorization to a citizen of Canada or a national of Mexico. 

TN Visa Attorney

As experienced TN visa lawyers, we can determine your eligibility for a TN visa and provide legal support for your TN visa matter. If you are a professional from Canada or Mexico, you may be qualified to live and work in the United States. You can get assistance with your case from skilled TN visa attorneys at The Law Offices of Samrach Sar.


TN Visa Services We Provide

Our skilled TN visa attorneys are knowledgeable with the TN Visa. We can assist you in determining whether you qualify for this visa, help you compile the required paperwork, and ensure that the right procedures are followed to ensure that your application is submitted successfully. Each step of the application procedure must be completed accurately and with great attention to detail, and our attorneys will make sure that your application is handled that way at every stage.


How Our Services Can Help

We thoroughly evaluate each client's situation in order to choose the best visa type. Given the unique circumstances of each client, we make sure the right procedure is followed precisely as instructed by USCIS. We help our clients compile the required paperwork and complete the relevant forms.

Let us help you. If you think you may be eligible, our trade national visa lawyers can provide you with the legal guidance through each step. Get your consultation today.


TN Visa Occupations

To qualify for a TN visa, the candidate must hold a valid passport from Canada or Mexico, must work in one of the following fields, and must hold the necessary degrees and licensure to practice in the U.S.:

Professional Occupations

  • Accountant

  • Architect

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Disaster relief insurance claims adjuster

  • Economist

  • Engineer

  • Forester

  • Graphic Designer

  • Hotel Manager

  • Industrial Designer

  • Interior Designer

  • Land Surveyor

  • Landscape Architect

  • Lawyer

  • Librarian

  • Management Consultant

  • Mathematician

  • Range Manager/Range Conservationist

  • Research Assistant

  • Scientific Technician/Technologist

  • Social Worker

  • Sylviculturist

  • Technical Publications Writer

  • Urban Planner

  • Vocational Counselor


  • College

  • Seminary

  • University

Medical/Allied Health
Professional Occupations

  • Dentist

  • Dietitian

  • Medical Laboratory

  • Technologist (Canada)/Medical Technologist (Mexico and the United States)

  • Nutritionist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Pharmacist

  • Physician (teaching or research only)

  • Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist

  • Psychologist

  • Recreational Therapist

  • Registered nurse

  • Veterinarian

Science Occupations

  • Agriculturist

  • Animal Breeder

  • Animal Scientist

  • Apiculturist

  • Astronomer

  • Biochemist

  • Biologist

  • Chemist

  • Dairy Scientist

  • Entomologist

  • Epidemiologist

  • Geneticist

  • Geochemist

  • Geologist

  • Geophysicist

  • Horticulturist

  • Meteorologist

  • Pharmacologist

  • Physicist

  • Plant Breeder

  • Poultry Scientist

  • Soil Scientist

  • Zoologist

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